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Manually Update Event Status


When you schedule events and appointments on the calendar, the default attendee status is marked as "Active". Depending on the event's outcome, you might need to manually change this status to Rescheduled, Canceled, No Show, or Completed. 

To manually update event status, open the event (from either the event owner or attendee calendars) and locate the event status drop-down menu for the attendee.

Event status drop-down

Select the appointment outcome from the menu. If there are multiple attendees, you may need to repeat these steps for each of them.

  • Active: The default status for all events when they are created. 
  • Confirmed: The attendee has confirmed that they will attend (by contacting the club/event owner or by responding to a confirmation email or text). This status may be set automatically.
  • Rescheduled: The attendee needs to reschedule the appointment. (It's a good idea to use this status for your records, and create a new event for the attendee, instead of just changing the date/time on the original event.)
  • Canceled: The attendee cannot make the appointment.
  • No Show: The attendee did not show up to the appointment and did not notify the event owner. 
  • Completed: The attendee showed up to their appointment. This status may be set automatically in some cases -- at certain integrated clubs, a member check-in will update calendar events.

 List of event statuses

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