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How to manually adjust the status of an Appointment?


How Do I mark an Appointment as Completed? (maybe change to “how to adjust the status of an event/appointment”)

Step 1: Navigate to the Club OS calendar, click on the appointment, and click on the dropbox menu that’s labeled `Active`:


Step 2: Select the appropriate outcome of the appointment:


a) Active- This is the default status for all appointments when they are built. 

b) Confirmed- The attendee has confirmed that they will attend the appointment

c) Rescheduled- The attendee reached out and needs to reschedule the appointment (create a new event with a new date and time)

d) Canceled- The attendee cannot make the appointment

e) No Show- The attendee did not show up to the appointment without notifying the event owner. 

f) Completed- The attendee showed up to their appointment. 


Step 3: After the outcome of the event is selected, click on `Save Status` and then `Save Event` 

Please note: 

If a membership was sold to the attendee via Club Hub, then the appointment event will automatically be marked to `Completed` for the event owner.



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