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Follow-Up Audit Report

This report provides data on Prospect Follow-Ups and their outcomes, and can be sorted by date range, location, and employee.

Sample Follow-Up Audit Report

Sample Report

Follow-Up Audit Report Fields

  • Employee: Shown if the report is run for multiple employees.
  • Name: The Prospect associated with the Follow-Up.
  • Phone: Phone number of the Prospect.
  • Email: Email address of the Prospect.
  • Status: Can include: Lead (have not been to the club), Active Guest (has a current guest pass), Expired Guest (guest pass has expired, and Missed Guest was set).
  • Action #: The Follow-Up stage of this action the attempt number for this follow-up. 
  • Action Date
  • Outcome: The recorded outcome of the action.
  • Tour Date: If the Follow-Up action resulted in a tour being booked, its date appears here.
  • Tour Status: Can include: No Show, Active, Booked. 
  • Override Date: If an override date was selected for the next follow-up, it will appear here.
  • Notes
  • Message: If email or text messages have been sent, they will appear here.
  • User External Billing ID: The ID assigned by the club's billing provider.


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