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Trainer Inventory Report


This report provides data on current PT clients and their activity (available, completed, and expired sessions), organized by trainer.

Sample Trainer Inventory Report


Trainer Inventory Report Fields

  • Location
  • PT Client: The name of the client on the agreement
  • Package: The name of the package on the agreement
  • Unit Price: The unit price of the services provided
  • Rate: The pay rate paid to the Trainer for the completed session
  • Sale Date:  The sale date of the agreement
  • Exp. Date: The date the agreement will expire
  • Qty Purchased: The number of units in the package
  • Qty Available: The number of units that are funded (already paid for) but have not expired or been used.
  • Qty Complete: The number of sessions for this client with a 'Completed' status on the Trainer's schedule 
  • Qty Expired: The number of unused, expired units/sessions
  • Last Session: The timestamp of the most recent session scheduled with the Client.
  • Next Session: If applicable, the date of the next scheduled session.


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