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PT Shot Sheet Report [Breakdown]


PT Shot Sheet

This report is great to print out, and give to Trainers or Sales employees to get on the horn, email, or track down to get some sessions sold! (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)


An example of the PT Shot Sheet Report can be seen below:


Columns generated in this report are:

  1. Date - this is the date and time stamp of the last payment made for training by a Client member.
  2. Member - this is the Client's name that is assigned to the Trainer you ran the report for. 
  3. Phone - this is the phone number of the Client. 
  4. Email - this is the email of the Client.
  5. Service - this is what type of service a Client last purchased.
  6. Sessions Left - this is how many of the services a Client has left.
  7. Event Type - this is the type of event last scheduled for a Client.
  8. Event Status - this is the status of the last scheduled event. It can be active, confirmed, rescheduled, canceled - charge, or complete.
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