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Schedule Audit Report [Breakdown]


Schedule Audit Report

Want to know how well Trainers are scheduling PT sessions or classes, getting them completed, validated, and funded?  Run this report that audits how events are being used on their schedule. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)


An example of the Schedule Audit Report can be seen below:


Columns generated in this report are:

  1. Date - this is the date and time of an event on a schedule.
  2. Event Type - this is the event type scheduled.  It can be Orientation, Training Session, Fitness Class, etc.
  3. Attendee - this is who is scheduled on the event.
  4. Service - this is the service type selected for the event. Service type is determined by club.
  5. Status - this is the status of the service.  It can be active, confirmed, canceled, canceled - charge, complete, rescheduled.
  6. Funded? - this is where the event has funding for it.  
  7. Duration (mins) - this is the duration of the event scheduled.
  8. Pay Rate - this is the pay rate an event owner will get for the event if completed, validated, and funded.
  9. Pay - this is how much the event owner is making on the event, and therefore should tell you if it is completed, validated, and funded.
  10. Validated By - this is who validated the event.
  11. Check-in Time - this is the check-in time for the owner on the day of the event.  If no check-in time, event should not be paid for!
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