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Schedule Audit Report


 This report provides data on past events (listed by attendee) and whether they were completed, validated, and funded.

Sample Schedule Audit Report

Sample report

Schedule Audit Report Fields

  • Date: Date and time of the event
  • Event Type
  • Subject: The Event Subject that appeared on the calendar for this event
  • Attendee
  • Service: this is the service type selected for the event. Service type is determined by club.
  • Status: The status of the event for this attendee at the time of the report
  • Funded?
  • Duration (mins): Duration of the event
  • Pay Rate: The amount the event owner (trainer or other staff member) should be paid for the event if completed, validated, and funded.
  • Pay: The amount the event owner is being paid for the event. (If identical to Pay Rate, the event has been successfully completed, validated, and funded.)
  • Validated By
  • Check-in Time: The check-in time for the event owner on the day of the event.


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