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Simple Payroll Report [Breakdown]


Simple Payroll Report

This is a report to run at payroll time for Trainers to get key information on PT/Classes scheduled in their calendar that they should be paid for. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)

An example of the Simple Payroll Report can be seen below:

Columns generated in this report are:

  1. Name - Trainer Name 
  2. Location - club location (for multiple clubs within a system)
  3. Sessions - how many correctly completed training events on a Trainer's schedule. For example, for clubs using payroll, this is the number of completed, validated, and correctly funded sessions on a Trainer's schedule for the time period selected
  4. Attendees - how many Attendees were attached to events being paid for on a Trainer's schedule.  This will be more than the session # when you have group classes on your schedule.
  5. Classes - how many class events did a Trainer correctly complete on their schedule.
  6. Orientations - how many completed orientation events a Trainer completed on their schedule that they should be paid for.
  7. Meeting Hours - how many meeting events a Trainer completed on their schedule.
  8. Hours Worked - how many hours of booked events completed on a Trainer's schedule.
  9. Session Pay -  the $ amount for how much the Trainer will receive for all PT sessions correctly completed.
  10. Session Value - how much the member paid for the sessions.
  11. Class Pay- the $ amount for how much the Trainer will receive for all class events correctly completed.
  12. Class Value - how much classes are being charged for that Trainer completes.
  13. Ort Pay - how much a Trainer gets paid for attending orientations.
  14. Meeting Pay Pay - the $ amount for how much a Trainer will receive for meetings attended.
  15. Total Pay - the $ amount a Trainer will see on their paycheck for selected pay period of report.
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