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Employee Not Found on Digital Guest Waiver


Have you recently added an employee but cannot seem to find them as a choice on your DGW employee dropdown? Well, the first thing to check is that all of your employees are the correct Account Type. Please note that Trainer and Front Desk account types will not be present on the Digital Guest Waiver.

If you can confirm that an employee is the correct type, and they still aren't showing up, the second step is to check their 'Account Settings'.

To access this area for another person, you'll need to click the name of the employee in question (while viewing them in User Search) to be taken to their account. Now that you're viewing their profile, select the ‘Account Settings’ widget, which features the gear icon, located on the black banner across the top of the page.





The 'Account Settings automatically opens'. Scroll down the page to the 'Employee Settings'. Here, you can check to see if the 'Exclude this employee from the digital guest waiver' option has been selected. If so, simply click it off to deactivate it, and save!

After you have verified the correct account type and ensured they aren't being blocked by any settings, the last step is to refresh the browser on the device which you use for the DGW. Their name should appear after the refresh updates the waiver with new information, and your job is done!

Is the employee still not showing up, despite following the suggested actions? Please email us at and we'll take a look!

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