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How Do I Edit “Campaign Email 1” and “Campaign Email 2"?


Club OS provides clubs the ability to set up two unique Campaign Email accounts. This assists club staff in their conduction of multiple campaigns and aids in channeling potential receiver’s response.

Read on to discover how to properly locate and edit a club’s Campaign Email 1 & 2. 

Locating ‘Campaign 1’ and ‘Campaign 2’

Click the ‘Club Setup’ tab, then scroll down and click ‘Location Settings’.

Once inside the Location Settings page, click the ‘Location Defaults’ tab.

Next, find the ‘Location Campaign Email Addresses’ section located halfway down the page.


Editing ‘Campaign 1’ and ‘Campaign 2’

Both ‘Campaign 1’ and ‘Campaign 2’ contain two fields: ‘From Name’ and ‘Reply to Email’.

  • ‘From Name’: This shows recipients ‘who’ it was that sent them their campaign email.

    Note: When either Campaign 1 or 2 is chosen, its correlating ‘From Now’ text will appear in the top-left corner as the first line of the club’s Campaign Email.

  • ‘Reply To Email’: This inserts an email address into all of a campaign’s emails where recipients are  
    invited to voice a response. Each campaign must possess a 'Reply To Email' address before it is usable. 

         Note: When either Campaign 1 or 2 is chosen, its correlating ‘Reply To Email’ address will appear in the
         top-left corner as the second line of the club’s Campaign Email.



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