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How Do I Send an Email Blast Through the User Search?


Click User Search located on your Club OS tool bar.



Use the filters provided to generate your target audience. Here is a snapshot of just a few that you have to choose from. 


As you select your filters, your audience will auto populate on the right.



Next, click the "Search Actions" button at the top of your populated audience list. 


Select "Send Email Campaign."


Select your desired campaign from the drop-down box.


Once you have selected your campaign, you have the option to either exclude or include those that have already received that particular email. 


After you have selected your preferred exclude/include option, all you have to do is click "Send" at the bottom right corner of the box to active your campaign!




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    Shay Tripp

    Where do I go to do a user search, what does that menu look like, how do i use the filters to get the users I need to address, how do I create the email and how do i send it out. also is there a statistics to see hwo or ho wmany people opened the email?