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Prospecting Scorecard


This report provides data on your team's Follow-Up activity and guest pass outcomes with new Prospects, filtered by location.

 Sample Prospecting Report

Report sample

Prospecting Scorecard Fields

  • Name: The name of the employee.
  • Location: Location selected for the report
  • Total Active: Number of active leads for the selected date range.
  • Total Warm: The number of Prospects that are in call action of 3 or less on the location's Follow-Up schedule.
  • 30-Day Follow-Up: The number of Prospects (leads, active guests, and expired guests) with a scheduled Follow-Up date in the next 30 days (from the day of the report to 30 days in the future) 
  • Active Passes: The number of Follow-Ups with active guest passes (have visited the club).
  • Expired Passes: The number of expired guest passes (Prospects who have let a guest pass expire without purchasing a membership)
  • Archived Leads: The number of leads that have been Inactive/or marked as not interested.
  • Recently Deleted: The number of leads deleted in the last 30 days


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