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PT Inventory Snapshot

This report summarizes PT activity by trainer, including the number and value of unused and expired sessions, and the count of any unfunded upcoming sessions or sessions that have not been validated.

Sample PT Inventory Snapshot

PT Inventory snapshot

PT Inventory Snapshot Fields

  • Employee
  • Location
  • PT Clients: Number of clients assigned to the employee
  • Unused Sessions: Training sessions that have been funded and not yet used
  • Unused Value: Total value of all unused sessions.
  • Expired Sessions: Number of expired sessions
  • Expired Value: Total value of all expired sessions
  • Re-Sign Opps: if the Client has less than four paid-for sessions left, the Client is now a 're-sign' opportunity.  This is the number of opportunities left for a Trainer to sell the Client more sessions.
  • Sessions Unfunded: The number of sessions on this employee's schedule that are not yet funded
  • Sessions No PIN: The number of sessions on this employee's schedule that have not been validated


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