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How Do I Add Employees to Club OS?


Integrated Clubs

If your club uses a billing provider such as ABC or MBO, do not add employee data directly to Club OS. Instead, enter your employees into your billing provider. Their information will be passed to Club OS at the next sync time.

Once an employee has been added to Club OS through the integration, they will receive the new account email that includes their login credentials(if it is enabled for your club). You can also edit the employees information and/or login credentials directly from their account. 

Follow the steps below to find an employee and update their information:

  1. In User Search, type in the employees name or email address associated with their account in the membership management system. Once you find the right account, click on their name. 
  2. Click on the gear icon to access their user settings Club_Apps_-_Dashboard.jpg
  3. Once you have been redirected to the Account Settings page, the General tab can be used to update all demographic and contact information as well as employee specific settings including their role, email signature and default reminder settings. Club_OS_-_General_Settings.jpg
  4. To set or update the employees username or password, go to the 'Security' tabSecurity.jpg

Non-Integrated Clubs

If your club is not integrated with a billing provider, you can add new employees directly to Club OS. Click the 'Add' button to the right of the User Search bar at the top of the page, and choose 'New User' from the drop down menu.

add new user dropdown

From this screen, use "Account Type" to select a User Role for this person. Club Admins can assign any User Role. Location Managers and below have limited options. 

Enter the new user's first and last name (required), and at least one form of Contact Information. Create a Username and Password. (Optionally, you can check the box marked "Force user to change password when they first login".)

new user account creation screen

Once the form is complete, click 'Create New User' at the bottom of the page.

create new user button


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