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How Do I Completely Remove a Prospect/Member From Any Form of Follow-Up?


In the course of running your club, you may find that certain members or prospects prefer not to have any communication with the business, aside from availing themselves of the services they're paying for.

Subscription to blast emails and automatic campaigns occurs when the prospect or member first enters Club OS as a "single opt-in". Removal from these messages is controlled via the "Unsubscribe" link that is automatically appended to the end of each message of this type.

The "Not Interested" function pertains to follow-ups, and is mutually exclusive of the aforementioned unsubscribe link

In the event that a prospect or member expresses a desire to not receive blast emails or any form of follow-up, the best practice to proactively handle this is the following:

1) Navigate to the member or prospect's profile, then select "Prospecting>Follow-up" from the menu: 

2) Click "Make Not Interested":

Alternatively, you can also make a user Not Interested in the Follow-Up window. In the Follow-Up window, navigate down to the other tab. You will see a dropdown on the right hand side that will allow you to choose an outcome. Here you will be choose to make a the Prospect/Member Not Interested.


3) Click the User Settings widget near the top right-hand portion of the screen to access the user's 'Account Settings'.


4) Check the box to opt out of email communication.


Note: Follow-ups can be removed in bulk by using the 'Remove Follow-Up' Search Actions functionality. To give an employee access to this functionality, set their user permission 'Bulk Remove Follow-Up' to 'Allow' .



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