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How Can I Merge Accounts?


Did an erroneous lead account somehow find its way into your system? Perhaps your Digital Guest Waiver was filled out twice by the same person, but with slightly different information. Regardless of how it happened, the good news is that merging prospect and member accounts is as easy as a few simple clicks!

The first step you'll need to take after logging into your account is select the 'User Search' tab from your menu bar. Second, search for and locate the account you would like to merge.


Next, we'll click the Merge button (resembles two opposing arrows) to initiate the process. Once selected, a popup window should appear, displaying the account to remove during this process, as well as the account to keep. 


Now that you have both accounts designated, just click the 'Merge' button to finish!

NOTE: You will be prompted with a warning to ensure that you want to move forward with process.


Don't have access to this feature? Request your manager provide you this access via your Account Settings. Don't have a manager accessible to perform this task? Contact our support team.

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