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Recommended Tablets for Digital Guest Waivers


If you would like to use a tablet in your club, we have a few suggestions and best practices. We recommend tablets with the capability to run the Google Chrome web browser. For the tablet enclosure/mount, you will want a vertical mount.  Be mindful that the charger needs to work with the enclosure. Also, a PC will work just fine. Below, you will find some tablet/enclosures that are currently being used by our clients.  

The iPad seems to be the most popular tablet with our current clients. The iPad offers a legitimate kiosk mode (free) that will eliminate employees from using the device for non-work related tasks.

There are also options to make the text bigger on an iPad.

The iPad mini is a bit small from what we’ve seen.

Our contact at Apple for direct sales:

Jeff Johnson at


Enclosure options: 

We also have clients using:  

Surface Pro requires a free trial version of a kiosk mode that will time out occasionally.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you're still uncertain, feel free to swing by Best Buy and plug the DGW URL into any tablet to test which you like best. 

Let know if you have any questions.


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