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How Do I Record a Workout?


To record a workout, first enter the Workouts page via Club OS' Fitness tab.

Next, click the workout in question.

Click the 'Log Workout' button, located within the workout's Day tab.

Additional buttons will appear:

Each button offers an alternative route for recording workouts based on whether that workout is being recorded in real-time ('Start Workout') or after-the-fact ('Record Workout'). Read below for more details on each recording method.

A. Start Workout

To record a workout in real-time, click 'Start Workout'. This will chronicle the workout session's start time.

Additional buttons will appear. Upon completing the workout, click 'End Workout' to chronicle the session's end time and duration.

B. Record Workout

To record a workout after-the-fact, first insert the session's details into the fields located to the right of the 'Record Workout' button.

Upon completion, click 'Record Workout' to save the session. 

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