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How Do I Use Dynamic Tags?


Grab the attention of your email campaign recipients with dynamic content. Dynamic tags can be used in the subject line and the body of an email to personalize each and every email that is sent out.

Dynamic content can be added with the drop down menu found near the subject line and on the top right hand corner of the email editor. 

Simply place the cursor where you would like the dynamic tag to be added, and select the dynamic content to be inserted. 



Subject Line: Hi {{recipient-first}} - Book your free training session!


Dear {{recipient-first}},

Thank you again for becoming a new member at {{club-name}}! Take advantage of your free training session by scheduling today with {{pt-follow-up-first}}. This complimentary session at {{club-name}} is free and includes a total fitness assessment - fast tracking you to reach your goals! Contact us today. 

Yours in Fitness,



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