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Why is My Lead Appointment Not Showing as a Close?


We get a lot of questions in Support about lead appointments not showing as sold on the schedule after a sale is made. There are a several instances in which you may see this occur, but here are the most common reasons we observe:

1) You haven't hit the designated sync time.

Depending on your billing system, Club OS either syncs at the top of every hour, or at 12PM, 5PM, and 9PM in your timezone. This means if you sell a membership at 4:25PM, Club OS won't reflect the sale until after 5PM.

2) The Lead and Member information don't match.

If the accounts don't match between Club OS and your billing system, they most likely will not merge. This results in duplicate accounts being in Club OS. For example, if there is a 'John Smith' with an email in Club OS and you sell the membership under 'Jonathan Smith' with no email, the system will not merge those accounts. This would result in your lead appointment with John not reflecting as a sale on the Calendar.


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