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PT Follow-up Activity Report


This report summarizes PT Follow-Up activity for a selected date and Month to Date. It can be filtered by location and employee.

The terminology for a meeting with a member varies from club to club. FC (Fitness Consultation) and Orientation (ORT) is used in the examples below. Fitness Assessment (FA) or another term may appear in your club's report instead.

PT Opportunities

This section summarizes PT Follow-Up activities and whether they resulted in clients scheduling an orientation/consultation.

PT Opportunities

  • FA/FC/ORT Booking Success - All PT Follow-ups that result in an "Orientation" or "First-time free session" is noted here.
    • New PT Opportunities: User accounts that don't have a current Agreement
    • FA/FC/ORT Made POS: The number of orientations that took place during the date range of the report and were scheduled on the same day the membership was purchased.
    • FA/FC/ORT Made POS %: The percentage of orientations that were scheduled on the same day the membership was purchased
    • FA/FC/ORT Made Non-POS %: The percentage of orientations not scheduled on the same day the membership was purchased
  • FA/FC/ORT Conversion
    • FA/FC/ORT Booked: The number of orientations scheduled on the report date
    • FA/FC/ORT Show: The number of orientations attended on the report date
    • FA/FC/ORT Closed: The number of orientations that resulted in the purchase of a PT Package. 
    • FA/FC/ORT Show %: The percentage of total orientations that were attended.
    • FA/FC/ORT Closed %: The percentage of all orientations that resulted in the purchase of a PT Package. 
  • POS PT  
    • Total New Memberships (Sold In Club OS) - Total new members that obtained PT as a result of PT follow-up shown here.
    • POS PT Sold: The number of packages that were sold to new members the same day they purchased their membership
    • PT Add-On %: - This is the rate of PT add-ons resulting from PT Follow-up.

PT Follow-Up  

PT Follow-Up

This lists Follow-Up calls, emails, and texts made to members with the following statuses:

  • FA/FC/ORT Not Booked: Members who have not booked an orientation.
  • FA/FC/ORT Booked: Members whose orientation is booked, but has not yet occurred
  • FA/FC/ORT No Show: Members who scheduled but did not attend their orientation
  • FA/FC/ORT No Sale: Members who attended their orientation but did not purchase a PT Package.
  • PT Active: Members with active PT agreements.
  • PT Opportunity: Members with less than 'x' number of PT sessions left show here. (This number is set at the system admin level.)
  • PT Inactive: Members with expired sessions or PT agreements.
  • PT Cancelled: Members with cancelled PT agreements.

Contact Summary

This is a total count of the calls, emails, and texts (includes both scheduled Follow-Ups and Unscheduled/Direct Contact) that are either scheduled or have been made on the designated date and Month to Date.

Contact Summary


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