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Membership Follow-Up Activity Report


This report summarizes membership Follow-Up activity for a selected date and Month to Date. It can be filtered by location and employee.

Membership Opportunities

This section summarizes tours and visits for prospective members by type.

Membership Opportunities

  • First Time Appointments: Scheduled tours/visits for first-time guests who have never signed the Digital Guest Waiver (DGW)
  • Be Back Appts: Scheduled tours/visits for guests who are already in the system because they signed the DGW on a past visit
  • First Time Unscheduled Visit Events: Walk-ins by first-time guests
  • Be Back Unscheduled Visit Events: Walk-ins by returning guests who signed the DGW on a past visit.

Membership Follow-Up

Membership Follow-up section

Membership Follow-up section

This lists Follow-Up calls, emails, and texts made to Prospects and Members with the following statuses:

  • Lead: New Prospect accounts created in Club OS by a staff member.
  • Web Lead: New Prospect accounts that originated via the club's web lead form (Their account will list 'Web' as the Origin.)
    Referrals: New Prospect accounts that originated via a referral (Their account will list 'Referral' as the Origin.)
  • Tour Booked: Prospects who have scheduled an appointment with club staff
  • Tour No Show: Prospects who failed to attend their scheduled appointment with club staff
  • Missed Sale: Prospects who attended their appointment but have not purchased a membership or accepted the club's guest pass
  • Active Guest: Prospects who accepted a guest pass and are still currently within their guest pass period
  • Expired Guest: Prospects who accepted a guest pass that has since expired
  • Member: Members with a current membership in good standing
  • Member - Pending Cancel: Members who have informed the club they plan to cancel their membership
  • Member - Freeze: Members who have temporarily suspended their account 
  • Member - Delinquent: Members who have a past due balance and/or an agreement in a delinquent state
  • Inactive Member - Expired: Clients whose membership naturally expired
  • Inactive Member - Canceled: Clients who actively cancelled their membership
  • Inactive Member - Collections: Clients whose membership is in Collections

Contact Summary

This is a total count of the calls, emails, and texts (includes both scheduled Follow-Ups and Unscheduled/Direct Contact) that are either scheduled or have been made on the designated date and Month to Date.

contact summary


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