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Anytime Fitness - FAQ




These are FAQs specific to Anytime Fitness users. Not seeing what you're looking for? An article for what you need may be already in the Help Center. Please use the search bar above. You can always contact our support team with any questions as well. We are more than happy to help!


Question: Are Trial Memberships counted in Club OS dashboards/reporting?

Answer: Yes! Trial Members are reflected in the Club OS system as Lead accounts with the 'Active Guest' status. Once expired in Club Hub, these accounts will display as an 'Expired Guest', as we will also pull over the Trial Membership date range.


Question: Can I sync my Club OS calendar to my phone?

Answer: Yes, you can! Check out this article to learn how. 


Question: Will my calendar events in Club Hub show in the Club OS calendar?

Answer: No, we are currently working on a calendar sync. We will update once this is available!


Question: Do the notes entered into Club OS sync to Club Hub?

Answer: Yes, all notes you entered will be pushed to their Club Hub profile. 


Question: If I make an update to contact info in a profile in Club OS, will the change be made in Club Hub?

Answer: Yes, changes to contact info will be pushed to their Club Hub profile. 


Question: How are accounts created in Club Hub?

Answer: When a prospect account is created in Club OS, an account is immediately made in Club Hub. 


Question: How do I update sources in Club OS?

Answer: Make any updates as you normally would in Club Hub. The updates will be pushed to Club OS at the next sync time. The sync time will happen every hour between (10AM-10PM).


Question: When do sold units reflect on my dashboard?

Answer: Sold units will show on the dashboard at the sync time (every hour from 10AM-10PM).


Question: Will Silver Sneakers and/or Healthy Contributions members show up in Club OS?

Answer: As long as these programs are sold as memberships, they will be pushed through to Club OS at the sync times (every hour from 10AM-10PM).


Question: If I make an appointment in Club OS, will it show in my Club Hub calendar?

Answer: No, we are currently working on a calendar sync. We will update once this is available!


Question: I just followed up with all of these prospects/members and they are in my agenda again. Why?

Answer: There is a follow-up schedule in place for each of the statuses in your agenda. By following the scheme in place, you can follow up with someone as frequently as every day or every other day. To view the schedule go to My Profile > Club Settings > Follow-up. If you'd like to make any changes, please contact our support team with your edits. 


Question: Will my employees in Club Hub show up in Club OS?

Answer: Yes, they will! There is an hourly sync that allows employee accounts and info to be updated in Club OS. When you create an employee account in Club Hub, the account will show in Club OS after the sync time (every hour from 10AM-10PM).  


Question: When I opened up Club OS this morning, I had an extremely large amount of follow-ups due today -what is this about?

Answer: This is symptomatic of the way we set up Anytime locations. If you notice this happen, please r contact our support team so that we can either transfer some of these leads to other employees, or simply clear out all those follow-ups that popped into your queue as 'due today'.


Question: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns on billing?

Answer: Billing questions can be directed to ABC Merchant Services at 800-622-6290 ext 8555


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