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What is the Benefit of Using the Food Journal?


The Food Journal component of Club OS provides clients with immediate feedback on their daily consumption in terms of caloric and macronutrient breakdown, with percentages of consumption in each respective category being represented immediately upon adding an item to the Food Journal.

Additionally, the Food Journal provides clients with an easy means of saving meals via the Save Meal button for ease of use.  Food Journal entries may be added in one of several ways: searching through the library of over 81,000 food items; pulling from the client’s Pantry; or by using previously saved Meals, making the food journal incredibly robust.

New foods may also be added (including their caloric and macronutrient details) directly from the Food Journal by clicking Add Item, then clicking Add a New Food.

The Food Journal is an integral component of Fitness Foundation, allowing both the client and trainer to see immediate value and feedback.


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