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Opt-Out Report


The Opt-Out Report lists users that have opted out of email and/or text campaigns at your club. It can be filtered by date range and location.

Sample Opt-Out Report

Opt-Out Report Sample

Opt-Out Report Fields

  1. Name
  2. Location: The location of the user's account
  3. Role: The account's User Role
  4. Opt-Out Type: Text and email campaigns use separate opt-out systems, so opting out of each of these forms of communication is counted as a separate event.
  5. Email
  6. Mobile Phone
  7. Opt-Out Date
  8. Opt-Out By: Indicates who performed the opt-out. This is usually the account owner opting themselves out of emails or texts, but it can also be done by club staff in the user's Account Settings. 
  9. Created Date: This is the date that the user account was created. If it is identical to the Opt-Out Date, the user opted out at the same time their account was created (for example, by not checking the "SMS Opt-in" box on the Digital Guest Waiver).

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