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Follow Up Settings



The configuration of the Follow Up Settings drives the follow up communication workflow. This page is where segments, schedules, scripts and automation for each status throughout the prospect to member journey are configured.


How to access the Follow Up Settings Page

This page is available to Unrestricted and Restricted Admins through the menu item 'My Club' > 'Follow Up Settings' > 'Segments, Schedules and Scripts'




The Segments, Schedules and Scripts tab is organized by sub-tabs for each part of the prospect to member journey: Prospecting, Member, Inactive Member and if the Personal Training workflow is used, it will be the last tab. 


The following up settings page also includes tabs for Bulk Jobs, such as transferring leads from deleted/revoked employees, rescheduling overdue follow ups and moving leads into remarketing status and [additional] Settings.


Configuring Follow Up Schedules

Each Status can be configured with its own follow up schedule which drives when follow up tasks will appear in the follow up widget on the Club OS dashboard.


The schedule is displayed by day(s) from when the user enters the status with the exception of the 'Member' status, which is calculated based on the purchase of their agreement. For example, if a member misses a payment and enters the 'Member - Delinquent' status, reconciles their payment, and then moves back into the 'Member' status, their next follow up will be calculated based on when they became a member instead of starting over at Follow Up #1 again.


The day(s) displayed in the schedule is on the assumption that the follow ups are completed on time. If the follow up task does not get completed and becomes overdue, the time it's in overdue will add days into the configured schedule for that prospect/member. For example, if the follow up schedule says to reach out to Referrals on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5 but the first follow up remains in overdue for 1 day, the schedule for that individual prospect/member becomes Day 1(+1 day), Day 3(+1 day) and Day 5(+1 day). 


To add a touchpoint, simply click 'New Touchpoint'. This will display the option of "Immediate" (as soon as they enter the status) or allow a day to be entered. Upon clicking save, the new touchpoint will be added. If there's already an existing touchpoint for that Day, a prompt will ask if the touchpoint should be added before or after the existing matching touchpoint(s).




Configuring Follow Up Scripts and Automation

For each touchpoint, a pre-set call, text, or email script can be configured by clicking on the icon(s) below the title for the Day touchpoint. Type the call, email, or text script into the text box for the corresponding tab.


For the text or email to be sent automatically, toggle to "automatic" and set the time it should be sent, along with the preferred and backup methods. If a text or email is not going to be the backup method, choose "None", and if the email/text cannot be delivered to the individual prospect/member, a follow up task will instead be placed into the staff's follow up widget. 


Click save when done! If automated, the text/email will be sent to the prospect/member on the specified day or, if manual, the staff member will see the script to assist them when completing a follow up.





Configuring Segments

Web lead, Appointment Booked, and Member statuses can be further broken down into segments in order to achieve more personalized communication based on an attribute of the prospect/member. For example, if there are two web lead forms (lead capture forms) on the website: Request for a 7 Day Pass and Request for General Information, I would like to speak to those prospects differently. For those requesting a 7 day pass, I'd like to send them an automatic email follow up that contains their free guest pass. However, I do not want those asking for General Information to receive a guest pass. 


In order to achieve this, first segments need to be created by clicking 'manage segments' > 'add new segment'.  Name the segment, choose the marketing source or membership type that relates to the desired segment, and then click the save icon (floppy disk).




Once the segment is created, the segment can be viewed by clicking 'View Segment' under the status name. This is where follow up schedules, scripts, and automation can be configured for the new Status Segment. Any prospect/member who meets the criteria (i.e. has the selected marketing source or membership type) will be placed into this new Status Segment and will receive only the configured follow ups for the Status Segment. Only those that do not meet criteria for any of the Status Segment(s) will receive the follow ups for the regular Status configuration.



Copying Segments

Once segments and optionally schedules and scripts are configured at a single location, they can be copied to other locations a user has access to so that the exact same process doesn't have to repeated for each location that needs the segment(s).


To copy to another location, click 'manage segments'. On the modal choose the 'copy segments' tab. In the drop down for 'From', choose the location the segment is configured at. In the 'To', choose the location(s) that the configured segments should be copied to. 




Click the right arrows to copy all segments. To undo, click the left arrows. Alternatively, segments can be managed individually by dragging and dropping the segments between the sections. Once the correct segments are in the 'To' column, choose the copy button. This will copy the segments and associated schedules/scripts.



1. I changed my settings but prospects/members are not adhering to the new schedule.

Upon making changes to follow up settings, any current or future scheduled follow up for a prospect/member will resume and the new settings will apply after their next scheduled follow up is completed.


2. Why are some statuses hidden?

Statuses can be hidden and unhidden based on the specific workflow for your business. If you'd like to hide or unhide a status, please reach out to your Account Manager or


3. Why is status segmentation only available for some statuses?

Status segmentation has been added to the statuses that have had the most requests to segment. Please reach out to Club OS to request segmentation in additional statuses for future consideration.


4. Why can't I edit my settings?

In the top right corner of the the Segments, Schedules and Scripts tab, the availability of editing schedules or scripts is displayed. If there is a green checkmark, editing is available. If there is a red X, editing is not available because the follow up settings are managed at the Brand Level instead of the Location Level. Unrestricted Admins can access and edit the Brand Level settings. Changes can either be made at the Brand Level or reach out to your Account Manager or to update your location to be managed at the Location Level. 


5. What happens if I copy a segment to a location that doesn't have the marketing source?

The marketing source will automatically be added to the other location(s) upon copying


6. Why didn't my segment copy?

If the marketing source is already being used in a segment, a segment will not successfully copy since each marketing source (or membership type) can only be used in a single segment per status


7. Why didn't one of my leads go into the segment if they met the criteria?

Lead will only be added to a segment if they entered the status after the segment is created


8. Why can't I access something that is mentioned in this article?

Some aspects of this page are available by granting user access. Please reach out to your admin or with questions.

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