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How do I add a new employee?


In order to add a new employee to Club OS, you must add the employee in the Anytime Fitness Dashboard. Please click here for those instructions.  

Once you have added the employee into the Anytime Fitness Dashboard, the employee account will sync over to Club OS at your next designated sync time (typically within 2-4 hours) and then you will find them in your User Search in Club OS. Team member profiles sync over from the Anytime Fitness Dashboard with the salesperson role. 

Here are the steps to find your new employee was they have been added to the Anytime Fitness Dashboard and synced over to Club OS. 

  1. Go to your ​User Search ​​and uncheck all roles except Salesperson. 


  1. Click the desired team member’s profile. 
  2. Once inside the profile, click the gear icon on the top right which is the​“User/Account Settings”.


  1. In the team member’s account settings, update any personal information and access needed.
  2. To adjust/elevate access, select the desired ​Role ​​(i.e. salesperson, location manager, club admin, etc.) Please note that if you give someone the club admin role and you are also a club admin, you will no longer be able to adjust their permissions/access as the role will be equal. If you would like to elevate “location manager” access you can do so in the permissions tab.


6. If you have multiple locations and want to grant a team member multiple locations, you can do this is the​ Location Access ​​section.


7. There will be an email signature auto populated for your team member. You may revise if desired.


8. Permissions tab​​- use to further enable or restrict if needed. 

To see a breakdown and details of permissions, click here. 

9. In the ​Security tab ​​you will be able to edit and reset username and password information for your team members. Once you have saved this information, they can use it to login. We typically check the box that will force them to reset it upon signing in.





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    John Alexander

    Would be helpful to know what the designated sync time is. I've been waiting 2.5 hours since Dashboard entry.