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Edit Employee Order on the Calendar


Your club's calendar will display employees in alphabetical order by default. If you want to reorder this list, you can update individual employee's Master Schedule Priority to determine the order they appear.

Default order

Employees in default alphabetical order

Start by navigating to the employee's account via User Search, then enter their Account Settings.

User Settings


Next, scroll down to Employee Settings and enter a value in the employee's Master Schedule Priority field (blank by default). The calendar order will begin with the highest number set in the priority. This means that someone with a schedule priority number of 100 will come before a person with a priority number of 1 (or a blank entry).

Schedule Priority field

It is best practice to assign a Master Schedule Priority Number between 1 and 100 and use numbers in increments of 5 or 10 for future additions or adjustments. You do not need to complete this field for every employee. Leaving the field blank will default to regular alphabetical order.

Example custom employee order

Example: Michael M. has a Priority Number of 100; other employees have blank entries and default to alphabetical order

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