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How Do I Activate My Club's Digital Guest Waiver?


Club OS secures access to each club’s Digital Guest Waiver by requiring the insertion of a unique, six-digit activation code into each device that the club intends to display their DGW. This allows Club Admins to confidently publish their customized Digital Guest Waiver knowing that the form can not be accessed by prying, outside parties.

Once a club’s device has incorporated the Guest Waiver code, that device will not require reauthorization unless, either, its cookies are cleared or the device is reset to factory settings. To reactivate a device, simply repeat the steps that were taken to initially activate that same device.

How to Activate a Club’s Digital Guest Waiver


Enter the Club Admin’s Account Settings page. Locate and click the Guest Waiver link.



Account Settings > Guide Waiver Link


Automatically, a second tab will generate -displaying the Guest Waiver page. A club’s Digital Guest Waiver can not be fully accessed until the waiver’s 6-Digit Activation Code has been entered. For details on how to locate the code, click the ‘Where Do I Find My Activation Code’? Link.


Click this link will cause a pop-up window to appear.


> Second Tab: ‘Where Do I Find My Activation Code?’ Link


Navigate to the original browser tab which is still currently open to the Club OS site. Upon arrival, click the Account Menu located in the top-right corner of the browser window. Select ‘Generate Guest Waiver Code’.


> First Tab: Account Menu > ‘Generate Guest Waiver Code’


A pop-up window will appear displaying each location that the Club Admin oversees.

A. If the Club Admin Oversees a Single Location:

The qualifying location will be automatically selected.

B. If the Club Admin Oversees Multiple Locations:

Select which location’s Digital Guest Waiver the Club Admin is currently attempting to activate.


Once a location has been selected, click ‘Generate Code’.


> Select Location > ‘Generate Code’


The Activation Code will appear, accompanied by text that counts down how many more minutes (from 30) that the Club Admin has to insert the code before it expires due to disuse.


Saving the code, navigate back to the second tab which remains open to the Guest Waiver page.

> Second Tab


Insert the code into the Guest Waiver page’s field. Upon completion, an ‘Activate’ button will appear. Click it.


> Insert Code > ‘Activate’


At last, the Club Admin’s tab will be automatically redirected to their club’s Digital Guest Waiver page.


> Digital Guest Waiver


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