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Activate the Digital Guest Waiver (DGW)


If your club uses the Appointment List feature, access to your DGW is protected by a unique six-digit code. In order to display your club's Digital Guest Waiver on your tablet or computer, you must activate it with the code. Once the device has been activated, you won't need to reauthorize it unless you clear your cookies/history or reset the device.

How to Activate a Club’s Digital Guest Waiver

1. Log in to Club OS and click your name on the upper right. In the drop down menu, click on the option "Generate Guest Waiver Code".

Generate Guest Waiver Code

2. Select your location and click "Generate Code". A popup window will appear with your code, which will expire in 30 minutes. Copy the code.

Activation Code

3. Go to Account Settings. Locate the Guest Waiver Link below your personal and contact information. 

Guest Waiver Link

4. This will open the Guest Waiver Page in a new tab in your browser, prompting you to enter the code you just copied. 

Enter code prompt

5. Once you click "Activate" you'll be redirected to the Digital Guest Waiver. The DGW is now activated on your device, and you will be able to access it directly from the Digital Guest Waiver Link in your account settings. It's a good idea to bookmark your DGW for easy access.


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