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How To Remove/Edit Repeating Events


This article we will discuss removing and editing repeating events.

Global Impact

- Removing events may impact your KPIs and PT commission.


  1. Navigate to the members or trainers calendar that has the repeating event.
  2. Select the event that you want to be the first event that your changes are made to. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.00.06_AM.png
  3. In the event window, select ‘Edit this event and all future events’ at the top of the event
    1. Doing this will open the settings to adjust the repeat event. Now you can make the changes you want to. For example, in the screenshot below there is an event scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, let's say we want to remove the Friday class. Unchecking the ‘F’ box and clicking save will remove all the Friday events from this point forward. Click ‘Save’ to confirm your changes. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.00.34_AM.png
    2. To delete the event, select the red ‘Remove Event’ icon. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.02.11_AM.png
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