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How To Un-Expire Sessions from Inventory


If your club sells PT agreements where the units are set to expire after a given time frame, you may want to allow your members the ability to use those expired sessions. Life happens and you want to be ready to help out your members and this allows you to give sessions back to your customers that might be unavailable for them to use.

Global Impacts

Un-expiring the session will move from the ‘Expired Units’ section of the agreement to the ‘Remaining Units’ of the agreement

Unexpired sessions can be used to fund past completed events.


  1. Navigate to the members page and select ‘Club Info’ and then Club Services Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_10.54.26_AM.png
  2. To the left of the agreement name that has expired sessions, click the ‘+’ to expand the agreement Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_10.57.16_AM.png
  3. Under expired sessions, click the blue number.
    1. This number represents the number of expired sessions. If it’s says ‘0’, then there are no expired session and the number will not be able to be clicked.
  4. In the ‘Expired Sessions’ screen, select the calendar icon and choose a new expiration date. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_10.57.44_AM.png
  5. Click ‘Save’ to confirm your changes.
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