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New Release: 8/2/17 - Anytime Fitness



  • The Projections Report

    • New Column: ‘Agreement Remaining Total Value’

    • The ‘Total Projected’, ‘Contractual’, and ‘Auto-Renew’ columns are now titled the ‘Date Range Total Projected’, ‘Date Range Contractual’, and ‘Date Range Auto-Renew’, respectively.

    • The ‘Pending Collection’ column now displays the total amount of all past due invoices.

    • For more on the Projections Report, click here.
  • Cancellation Dates: Authorized staff may now edit future cancellation dates provided that their package contains, either, a flat rate cancellation fee or no cancellation fee at all. For more on Cancellation Dates, click here.

Click here to access archived New Release notes.

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