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How To Add A Single And Repeating Event To The Calendar


There are four ways that an appointment can be scheduled. You can schedule it in two places in the member or prospects accounts (one of these options can be used to schedule an event when accessing an employee account), and the two ways from within your the calendar.

One option for scheduling the the appointment is the member or prospects Prospecting>General screen. All of the other options to schedule an appointment are ways of access the same ‘Add New Event’ screen. We will discuss this screen in detail below and how it can be used to schedule a single event or a repeating event. We will also cover the steps to add attendees to these events.

Global Impacts

- When adding an event via the Prospecting>General tab, you can only schedule a single appointment. Repeating events can be created within any of the ‘Add New Event’ screens.

- Adding calendar events may impact your KPIs. For more detailed information on KPIs, check our Help Center article here: KPI Defiinitions

- Depending on your organization's settings, the name and the types of events available to you may differ.


First, we are going to cover how ways that we can add an event from within the member or prospects account without accessing the ‘Add New Event’ screen.


Adding an event in the ‘Prospecting>General’ tab:

  1. Navigate to the member or prospects dashboard and select the ‘Prospecting’ tab on left side of the screen. In this tab, select ‘General’. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.07.14_AM.png(NOTE: when entering a prospects account, this will be the default screen presented to you)
  2. Check the box ‘Schedule appointment upon saving’. This will expand the available event settings. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.08.34_AM.png
  3. Select the small calendar icon and choose the date you want to set the appointment. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.09.00_AM.png
  4. Choose the time of the appointment from the drop down labeled ‘Time’.
  5. Choose the details of the event. This is where you will choose the event type, the duration of the event, and the how you want an event reminder to be sent, if at all. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.09.29_AM.png
  6. Click ‘Save’ detail to schedule the event.


The next three ways are all ways of accessing the same ‘Add New Event’ screen.

Access in the ‘Add New Event’ window


  1. Select ‘Add Event’ button found in the top right  when accessing a prospect, members, or employee’s account. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.10.53_AM.png
  2. When viewing your Calendar, the Add Event button in the top right
  3. When viewing your Calendar, and someone has availability set, you can select their availability by clicking the time slot. This will default the ‘Time’ drop-down in the ‘Add New Event’ window to the time selected. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.11.27_AM.png
    1. (Note: For more information on setting availability, see our Help Center article here: How Do I Set An Employee's Availability in Club OS?)


The ‘Add New Event’ window

The ‘Add New Event’ window is where you will determine the settings for your event. You will determine what employee is responsible for the event, the type of the event, when the event occurs, how long the event lasts, and what members, prospects, or employee’s will be scheduled to attend.

(NOTE: When creating a Group Training class, the ‘Instructor’ of the event can be different’ then the ‘Event Owner’ if needed. Set this via the ‘Instructor’ drop down that appears when choosing this event type.) 

First, you’ll want to decide which employee will be responsible for the event. The ‘Event Owner’ is the employee who the event will be assigned to. Assigning an event to someone will cause it to appear in their calendar, as well as the Master Calendar.


After assigning the event to a person, you will choose the type of event. Keep in mind, depending on the settings of your particular organization, the name and availability of events types may differ. In this example, we chose an Appointment.

Now we will determine if we want a repeating event. If so, check the ‘Repeats’ option to expand the repeat event settings. If you’re only scheduling one event, you will not need to check this option.


When ‘Repeats’ is selected the repeat event settings will become available. Here, you will choose how often it repeats and when it will end. Selecting a day of the week will schedule the event for that day, and you can select multiple days if needed.

The ‘Assign Event Owner as Follow up person of attendee(s)’ option will do just that. Once this event is saved, the event owner would be responsible for this persons follow-ups. When a follow-up is reassigned, it will reassign the member follow-up, except when selecting ‘Orientation’ as the appointment type.


For the PT oriented appointments, this option is only available when selecting ‘Orientation’ as the event type.  Selecting this will reassign the PT follow-up person to the event owner.

The ‘Remind Event’ owner section determines when and if event reminders will be sent. How the event reminder is sent is determined by the settings within the member or employee’s ‘Account Settings’ page.


To add Fred to the event, we select the ‘Type Attendee’s Name’ option and begin typing his name. This will show a list of similar names of members in the club. Select the name of the person you want to schedule the event with to add them to the list.


(Note: For more information on the different statuses associated with an event, please see our Help Center article here: Calendar Icons for Events and Attendees)

The ‘Max #’ field will limit the number of attendee’s to what is entered. The ‘Email All Attendees’ option will email the attendees the text you enter in the box just below the option. Once selected, you will see two additional options at the bottom of the event window. Select the applicable option when you’re wanting to send an email to all the attendee’s of an event.

Once you’ve verified that you’ve set your appointment settings correctly, select ‘Save Event’ to confirm your settings and add the event to the Calendar.


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