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Add, Edit, or Delete Calendar Events


You can create, edit, and delete events on your own calendar or on member/prospect calendars. Depending on your permissions, you may be able to create and edit events for other employees. Events will appear on the Event Owner (staff member's) calendar, the attending Member/Prospect's calendar, and your location's Master Schedule.

Adding, editing, or removing calendar events can impact KPIs. Depending on your organization's settings, the name and the types of events available to you may differ.

Add an Event to Your Calendar or Another Employee's Calendar

Open the calendar from the left-hand navigation menu.

calendar icon 

The calendar page may default to your personal calendar or your location's calendar, depending on your settings. If you have access to multiple calendars, you can click the drop-down menu next to "Viewing" to filter your view to specific calendars. (You do not need to do this in order to add an event.) When you add a new event, it will appear on the Event Owner's schedule, the schedule for any attendees (Prospects or Members), and your location's Master schedule. Note that calendar availability must be set up in order to schedule events. 

calendar drop down

Click "Add Event" on the top right to open the new event window.

Add event

Event Settings

  • Event Owner: Defaults to the creator of the event (you), but you can change this to another employee, depending on your permissions.  
  • Event Type: Depending on your organization's settings, the options will vary, but will include selections like Appointment, Group Training, and Group Class.
  • Subject: This is optional. It appears on some reports and is visible to event attendees.
  • Repeats: Use this optional setting if you are scheduling a repeating event. Checking this box will open up additional settings.
  • Remind Event Owner/Remind Attendees: This will default to settings that were created at the club/location level or for this employee. You can change the timing if desired. Event owners and attendees will receive either text or email event reminders depending on their individual communication settings.

Add Attendees

Add Attendees on the right side of the window. "Search Assigned Members Only" will limit your options to users with access to that type of event. (For example, if your club uses Club OS to schedule and track services like PT sessions, you will only be able to add attendees who have purchased those services if you selected Personal Training as the event type.) Use "Max #" to limit the number of attendees if desired.

Click the drop-down "Type Attendee's Name" menu to see a list of options. Begin typing to narrow your search. Click the name of the person you wish to add. (Repeat as needed for multiple attendees.)

Depending on the event type you selected, you might be prompted to "Select Service" from a list of options. (This only appears under certain conditions.)

add service drop-down

Use the Email Notification feature if you want to send a message to all your attendees. (Enter the message in the text box below.)

Once you've verified all the settings, click "Save Event" to complete.

Add an Event to a Prospect/Member's Calendar

There are two ways to create events for a Prospect/Member from their profile -- the Calendar icon on the top right, or the Prospecting -> General tab.

prospect profile event options

Add Event from Add Event Button

Clicking the calendar icon will open up the Add Event window, with the selected Member/Prospect already added as an attendee. From there, just complete all the settings as described above.

prospecting - general tab

Add Event from Prospecting -> General

(This method allows you to schedule single events only. Use the "Add New Event" window to schedule repeating events.) 

Inside the Member/Prospect's profile, open Prospecting, then the General tab. (This is the default screen presented to you when you first enter their account.) Under Prospect Details, find and select "Schedule an Appointment Upon Saving"

event on prospect profile

Checking this box opens up additional options. Complete all the fields and click "Save Details".

Prospect appointment options

The event will now appear on the schedule for this attendee, the Event Owner's schedule, and your location's Master schedule.

You can also schedule an appointment for a new lead as they are added, using the options under Schedule an Appointment.

schedule for new lead

Edit or Delete Events

After events are created, you can edit or delete them from the calendar. This includes single events, one in a series of repeating events, or an entire event series. Be advised that deleting events may impact KPIs and commission. In some cases, it is better to manually change an event's status (for example, to Rescheduled or Canceled) instead of deleting it entirely.

To change or delete an event, locate it on the calendar. Events appear on your location's Master Schedule as well as the calendars for the Event Owner (staff member) and Attendees (prospect/members). Click on the event and the Edit Event window will appear.

calendar with events

Edit or Delete a Single Event

To edit or delete a single event, locate it on the calendar to open the Edit Event window. From here, you can Remove Event, or make changes as needed and Save Event.

editing event

Edit or Delete Recurring Events

When you open an instance of a recurring event series, you are presented with the option to "Edit this event only" or "Edit this event and all future events". Make a selection here first. (To edit the entire series, you must select the first event in the series.)

selections for editing recurring events

If you select "Edit this event and all future events", additional options appear to let you make changes to the entire event series.

Edit all events

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