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Projections Report


The Projections Report details projected revenue over a selected date range, based on all currently active agreements. This report can be filtered by location.

Sample Projections Report

Projections Report

Projections Report Fields

  • Last Name: The last name of the member
  • First Name: The first name of the member
  • Package Name: The name of the package
  • Sign Up Date: The start date of the agreement
  • Expiration Date: The end date of the agreement
  • Billing Duration: Billing cycle for the agreement
  • Package Length: Term length of the agreement
  • Down Payment: If applicable, the down payment applied to this agreement, minus any discount applied (coming April 2021)
  • Fees: If applicable, any one-time fees the Member paid upon signing the agreement.
  • Recurring Payment: The total recurring payment for each billing cycle, including recurring fees, if applicable, and minus any discount applied (coming April 2021)
  • Date Range Total Projected: The total price that the Member is expected to pay toward their package. (A total for this column appears at the bottom of the list.) 
  • Date Range Contractual: The residual cost of the Member's package that the Member has yet to be charged for and, therefore, remains unpaid. (A total for this column appears at the bottom of the list.) 
  • Date Range Auto-Renew: If the agreement auto-renewed during the report's date range, the amount of the renewal invoice will appear here.
  • Pending Collection: Any overdue payment the club has yet to collect (delinquent invoices, chargebacks, etc.) (A total for this column appears at the bottom of the list.) Note: Members cannot be billed for new payments until pending payments are collected. 
  • Remaining Contractual Agreement Value: The package's current remaining total balance (not limited to the report's date range.)


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