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Appointments Made Report


The Appointments Made Report lists all appointments with Prospects over a selected date range and location.

Sample Appointments Made Report

Appointments Made sample report

Appointments Made Report Fields

  • Location: The club location for the appointment.
  • Created Date: The date the appointment was scheduled.
  • Created By: The staff member who scheduled the appointment.
  • Event Owner: The staff member the Prospect will be meeting with.
  • Guest Name: The name of the guest
  • Phone: The phone number of the guest
  • Email: The email address of the guest
  • Source: Marketing source - how the Prospect found out about the club (such as Referral, Direct Mail, Social Media, etc.)
  • Appt Date: The date of the scheduled appointment
  • Prior Appt Date: If this appointment is the result of rescheduling an earlier appointment, the original date will appear here. If the upcoming appointment is new, and not rescheduled, this field will appear blank.
  • Notes: Text entered in the "Notes" section of the event when it was created in Club OS. This field will appear blank if no notes are attached to the event.
  • User External Billing ID: The user ID assigned to this event in a club's external billing provider (may not apply to all clubs).


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