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PT Scheduled Draft Report

This report details expected future revenue from automatic payments within a selected date range, based on currently active agreements. 

Sample PT Scheduled Draft Report


PT Scheduled Draft Report Fields

  • Draft Date: The date the payment is scheduled to be automatically drafted
  • Member Name
  • Agreement ID: The ID number attached to the package to be funded by the payment
  • Agreement Name: The package that the Member's automatic payment is funding
  • Salesperson: The employee listed as the salesperson for the Agreement
  • Invoice Type: The type of payment (for example, 'Recurring' or 'Down Payment').
  • Expected Sub Total: The amount of the payment before tax
  • Discount: The amount the invoice was discounted, if a discount was applied to the package agreement
  • Expected Tax: Tax, if any, included in the Member's automatic payment
  • Expected Total: The total payment (subtotal plus tax)
  • Transaction ID: The identification number of the invoice for this payment, generated by ABC. If the Member's invoice has not yet been generated, then this field will appear blank.


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