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How Does Club OS Assign a Salesperson to An Agreement?

Club OS assigns agreements to Salespeople once it has received that sale's data via the club's billing integration. That Salesperson will then also be credited with the sale's commission -an act that benefits both the Salesperson's KPI and pay. Therefore, it is important to understand the conditional hierarchy that Club OS employs in appointing each agreement's Salesperson.
Conditional Criteria
Club OS defers to five, sequential stages of criteria in its search for which staff member would most qualify to be appointed the agreement's Salesperson. First, Club OS considers Condition One's criteria. If Condition One's criteria is not met, no Salesperson is assigned. Club OS then defers to Conditions Two, Three, Four, and Five, sequentially, until a Condition's criteria is met and a Salesperson can be assigned to the agreement. Each Condition's criteria is listed below.
Condition One:
A. If the Club's Billing Partner is ABC:
If the agreement has a 'Web' origin, it is Club OS policy that no Salesperson be attached to that agreement as the sale occurred online without the influence of club staff. If, instead, the sale possesses a 'T.I.', 'Outreach', 'Referral', or 'Other' origin, Club OS will continue to Condition Two.
B. If the Club's Billing Partner is Not ABC:
See Condition Two.
Condition Two:
Club OS will refer to the location's calendar to check if the Member received a tour on the same date as the agreement's sale. If such an event exists, that event owner will be appointed as the agreement's Salesperson and receive the sale's commission. If no such event exists, Club OS will continue to Condition Three.
Condition Three:
If, initially, an agreement synced with a Salesperson attached, that Salesperson will now remain appointed to the agreement and its commission. (Note: Club OS credits Salespeople after tour owners as, typically, a tour owner is a club's first chance to close a sale.) If no Salesperson was synced with the agreement, Club OS will continue to Condition Four.
Condition Four:
Club OS will choose to appoint the Designated Follow-Up Employee at the location in which the agreement was sold. If no such position exists, Club OS will continue to Condition Five.
Condition Five:
Club OS will choose to appoint the Member Sales Account Employee at the location in which the agreement was sold.
Note: If Club OS appoints a Salesperson due to Conditions Three, Four, or Five, a (walk-in) tour event will generate for the sale's date within the Salesperson's calendar. This event will appear as having occurred at 8:45pm in the attempt to distinguish itself from earlier, authentic events. This event will credit the Salesperson's 'Close %' KPI stats.
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    Richie Parsons

    This doesn’t address the different possible scenarios. Still very confused as to how sales are credited to different employees involved in the sales process.