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Projected Recurring Payment Report

The Projected Recurring Payment Report enables club admins to view future date ranges and the projected PT revenue their club will collect during that period. Clubs can use this report to evaluate future earnings and plan according to those projections.
Note: This report is designed for viewing future date ranges. However, it is also possible to view past date ranges if desired.

Sample Projected Recurring Payment Report


 Projected Recurring Payment Report Fields:

  1. Invoice Date: The date on which the invoice is scheduled to be billed.
  2. Attempt Date: The date that the successful billing attempt occurred (if one exists).
  3. Location ID: The ID number of the AF location from which the invoice was generated.
  4. Invoice Number: The unique ID number assigned to the invoice.
  5. Member Name: The name of the member who owns the agreement.
  6. Agreement Name: The name of the purchased service agreement package.
  7. Agreement Renewal: The renewal type selected for the agreement (if one exists).
  8. Auto renew (uncommitted): Invoices are considered uncommitted if they are projected to generate after an agreement has auto renewed, either by 'Auto Renew - Term or 'Auto Renew - Open'. Members can choose to cancel auto renewals of their agreements up to 30 days before the renewal date, therefore payment of the projected invoice is not guaranteed. The member has not committed to the payment by renewing the agreement.
    *Note:* If an auto renewal date for an agreement is less than 30 days away, then the projected invoices for the renewed agreement will be placed into the 'Expected (committed)' field.
  9. Expected (committed): Invoices are placed within this field if their projected 'Invoice Date' falls within the agreement's original term length, the agreement has renewed on a 'Auto Renew - Term' basis, or is within 30 days of renewing on a 'Auto Renew - Open' basis. The member is considered committed to paying the invoice.
  10. Status: The status of the billing attempt, such as 'Paid', 'Not Paid', 'Pending', etc.
  11. $ Collected: The payment collected for the invoice.
    *Note:* The invoice payment populates the '$ Collected' field once ABC sends a 'Success' or 'Success Pending' settlement response.
  12. Payment Profile: The payment profile used to pay the invoice (Cash/Check, Credit Card, Checking/Savings).
  13. Salesperson: The staff member listed as selling the agreement to the member.
  14. Trainer: The trainer assigned to the agreement.
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