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Add Your Schedule/Set Calendar Availability


Set your hours on the Club OS calendar to communicate when you are available for appointments and events. You can set a default schedule for every week and can also customize your availability for a particular day/week.

Add Regular Schedule | Set Availability for Specific Day/Week | Availability for Multiple LocationsHelpful Hints

Setting your availability helps streamline workflow, because it ensures that you will only be scheduled for events that you can attend. Your Follow-Up schedule is also adjusted according to your availability, so you'll never be assigned scheduled Follow-Ups on your days off.

Set General Availability (Add Your Weekly Schedule)

If you have a regular schedule, start here. This will set up your default availability.

Mouse over the Calendar icon on the navigation menu and click "Availability" in the drop-down that appears.

Calendar Availability

This will take you to your weekly schedule.

Weekly Schedule

The menu on the top right corner lets you select "Every Week" or "Specific Week". To set your general availability, make sure "View Availability (every week)" is selected.

View Availability Every Week

Mark your Days Off

Next, use the "OFF" checkbox under your day(s) off. This will prevent Follow-ups from being assigned to you and events/appointments from being scheduled for you.

Off Days checkbox

Add Your Regular Working Hours

Next, go to days you are available and locate the two boxes at the top. One box indicates availability and one box indicates event type. Here, you can set defaults for all time slots that day. (You'll be able to modify specific time slots as needed.)

The number in this box indicates how many appointments you're available for in a given time slot. If you are not available, this should be 0.

Daily availability

You can also select a default event type - this is optional. Appointment (orange) is typically used by salespeople to indicate a club tour. The other icons are most commonly used by trainers. However, these are not restricted to user roles, and you can select any event type(s) that meet your needs.

Next, click the arrow to add your scheduled work hours for the day. If you selected a default event type it will be added to every time slot on your schedule for that day.


Edit Time Slots as Needed

You can modify the event type or availability for particular time slots. Do this when you need to mark yourself unavailable during scheduled breaks, or to change event types during specific times. 


Save Changes

Important: Be sure to click "Save" on the top left any time you make changes to your schedule.


Set Availability for Specific Week

Use this option if you don't have a regular schedule from week to week, or if you have PTO, holidays, or other schedule changes coming up.

Use the drop-down on the top right corner to select "View Availability (specific week)".


Navigate to the top left corner and use either the calendar icon or the arrows to go to a specific week:


Then, follow the steps under Set General Availability to mark yourself off for specific days or time slots.

Set Availability for Multiple Locations

If you have access to more than one location, a drop-down menu will appear that lets you select from the list. Select the appropriate location as you're setting up your calendar.


Helpful Hints

Clear Out Your Schedule

Here's a quick shortcut to refresh your schedule if you want to start from scratch. First, mark yourself "Off" every day. Then, click "Save Hours", unmark the "Off" box, and "Save Hours" again. This will give you a clean slate to work with.


Set Availability/Event Type for Multiple Days

You can also set your availability horizontally. This is a good shortcut if you have a break or a preferred event type at the same time every day. Navigate to the left side of the calendar and adjust your availability and/or default event type for a given time slot. Then, click the horizontal arrow to add those settings to every day at that time.



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    Magda Ksiazak

    Does this also allow these sessions to be visible in the app? For group training sessions I know we had to check the "Public" box in each session... is that unnecessary with these or do we have to go in and manually check Public on every available session time?