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What Happens if I Shorten a Freeze's End Date?

Occasionally, a Member will request that a Club Admin shorten the original length of their agreement's frozen state. Depending on whether the new end date is set in the past or future, one of two results will occur:
If the New End Date is Still Set in the Future:
Any future-frozen invoice that now falls outside of the freeze's updated date range will generate on the date in which it was originally intended, prior to the agreement's freeze. The Member will not be billed for these invoices until their natural calendar date.
If the New End Date is Now Set in the Past:
Any previously-frozen invoice that now falls outside of the freeze's updated date range will generate. If the Member's payment profile consists of either a credit card or bank account, that Member's generated invoice(s) will auto-bill one invoice each day.
Michelle's invoices bill on the 5th of every month. Currently, her agreement is frozen from June 1st - December 1st.
On October 17th, Michelle retroactively edits her freeze to have ended on September 1st. As a result, two previously-frozen invoices (September 5th and October 5th) will generate and bill Michelle automatically, one after the other, over the course of two days.
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