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How Can I Add a Region to Club OS?



A new option 'Region settings' has been added to Club-OS


The 'Region Settings' option allows system admins and unrestricted club admins to group locations under regions as needed. This will help with specifying settings across multiple locations (grouped under the same region) at once. Previously, each location setting had to be individually entered into the system to take effect.

Regions can also be setup for purposes of Analytics. Adding a region will add the group of locations as region to the 'Location' filter. A location can be added to more than one region. Example of regions are geographical, manager districts, maturity of the clubs, etc. 


To add a new region, complete the following steps:

1- Add a new region by navigating to Club Setup > Region settings.




2- Click on 'add new region' to select locations that need to be grouped together. Click on 'save' to save your changes


3- Once a region has been added, it can be selected from the drop down list of options under 'locations'

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