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Follow-Up FAQ's


"Where Do 'Overdue' Calls Show Up?"

Overdue calls will show up in red as "overdue" in your Follow-Up Agenda.

"Why are Deleted Leads Still in My Follow-Ups?"

If leads are deleted while still in your follow-up bin, they will stay there until removed. You just need to click Follow-Up next to the lead's name in your profile page and then click "Not Contacted." Then choose "Not Interested (Delete)" and they will be removed.

"How Do I Increase My Follow-Up Numbers?"

There are a few points you can analyze in your club:

* Are we using the digital guest waiver for every guest that's not a member?
* Is every employee adding leads to the system with Add New Lead?
* Do we have a web lead form on our website that is integrated with Club OS?
* Do we have follow-up scripts in place?
* Do we have active status drip email campaigns?

Once you have the answers to the questions above, you are able to see where you can improve.

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