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Referral Conversion Report


The Referral Conversion Report provides data on referrals acquired during the selected date range and whether they attended a tour and/or purchased a membership. This may be found under another name (such as Preferred Guest Report or VIP Guest Report) depending on your club's settings. 


** Referrals listed on this report are prospects/members who have been linked to a member during the date range. The created date of the prospect/member could be outside of the date range. The prospect/member could also have an origin/marketing source that is not referral if they were originally captured using another lead entry point.


This report is useful to see all referrals collected from members, rather than only viewing referrals collected that are brand new prospects. Example:

Member Mary refers Friend Frank

Friend Frank says he toured the gym last year but didn't join

3 Days Later, Frank Joins the Gym based on Member Mary's recommendation

You want to give Mary a Free T-Shirt

Frank is a weblead from last year so he is not considered a "new" prospect

Use the Referral Conversion Report to see when Member Mary Referred Friend Frank


Sample Referral Conversion Report

Referral Conversion Report

Reading the Referral Conversion Report

A row will be highlighted in red if any of the following situations apply:

  • The Referred Lead received a club tour on the same date their information was provided to the club by the Referring Prospect/Member
  • The Referred Lead purchased a membership on the same date their information was provided to the club by the Referring Prospect/Member
  • The Referred Lead's 'Sale Date' is earlier than their 'Referral Date'.
  • The Referred Lead has a monthly membership rate lower than the original Referring Member. 
  • The Referred Lead owes the club a past due payment. 

Referral Conversion Report Fields

  • Location: The club location in which the Referred Lead's account was created.
  • Referred By Name: The Referring Prospect or Member
  • Referred By Email: The Referring Prospect/Member's email address.
  • Referred By Agreement Number: The agreement ID number associated with the Referring Prospect/Member, if applicable
  • Referred By Current Monthly Rate: The monthly rate that the Referring Prospect/Member is currently paying for their membership, if applicable
  • Referral Name: The name of the Referred Lead. (The total number of new leads will appear at the top of this column.)
  • Referral Email: The Referred Lead's email address.
  • Referral Agreement Number: The Referred Lead's Club OS internal agreement identification number, if applicable. This field will be empty if the lead has not yet purchased an agreement. (The total number of new agreements will appear at the top of this column.)
  • Lead Created DateOriginal created date of the Referral.
  • Referral Date: Date that the lead was originally referred.
  • First Tour Date: The date and time of the Referred Lead's initial club tour, if applicable
  • Sale Date: The date/time the Referred Lead purchased a membership, if applicable.
  • Days to Convert: The number of days between the Referral Date and the Sale Date, iff applicable.
  • Membership: Membership type the lead purchased (if Club OS recognizes these in your club).
  • Referral Current Monthly Rate: The monthly rate that the Referred Lead is currently paying for their membership, if applicable.
  • Referral Past Due Balance: Any overdue amount owed to the club by the Referred Lead
  • Referral Source: How the referral was created in Club OS:
    • Lead Info indicates that the referral was created under Referrals on the Add New Lead form. The lead themselves would have created the referral by directly contacting the club, and mentioning the person who referred them.
    • Referral Link indicates that the referral was created in the profile of the Referring Prospect/Member by entering their information under "Add Referrals".
  • Marketing Source: Marketing source listed on the Referred Lead's profile
  • Employee: The staff member assigned to follow up with the Referred Lead.


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