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Daily Setup Report


The Daily Setup Report lists all appointments scheduled to take place during a selected date range. This report can be filtered by location.

Sample Daily Setup Report

Sample report
Daily Setup Report Fields

  • Location
  • Appt Date: The date and time the appointment is scheduled to take place
  • Employee Name: The staff member assigned to the appointment
  • Guest Name: The lead for whom the appointment is scheduled to occur.
  • Phone: The lead's phone number.
  • Email: The lead's email address.
  • Source: The Marketing Source through which the lead initially discovered the club. (Example: 'Billboard', 'Radio Ad', 'Referral', etc.)
  • Prior Appt Date: If the "Appt Date" is rescheduled from an earlier appointment, the date and time of that appointment will show here.  If "Appt Date" is not a reschedule, this field will appear blank.
  • Appt Booked: The date and time in which the lead's current appointment was scheduled.
  • Notes: If applicable, any notes that were added to the appointment's calendar event.


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