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"Why Aren't My Reports and Dashboard Matching Exactly?"

Reports and dashboard will rarely match because the dashboard updates in real time throughout the day, where as the report only contains data up to the point in which it was pulled. This means if you pull a report now, look at the report in 30 minutes and compare it with the dashboard, the data may very well not match. This will also mean if you pull a report in the morning, it will show very little data populated for the day, while the dashboard will always show the most up-to-date information.

"Why Aren't My Rewrites Counting in My KPI?"

When it comes to rewrites with old members, for proper credit to be attributed you must add a new agreement instead of updating the old agreement due to how your Billing system and Club OS interfaces with integrated services.

"When Does Club OS Reflect New Units and EFT From ABC?"

When a membership is initially sold in ABC, it goes to a pending queue, gets reviewed, and finally becomes posted.

Club OS reflects the new units and closes as soon as the membership is pending, but only reflects EFT data once the membership is posted.

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