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New Release: 5/5/17 - Anytime Fitness


Flexible Billing:

  • Down Payment: A Member’s initial down payment total will now appear within the new package’s Package Summary section. For more info on Selling PT Packages, click here.

  • Scheduled Payments Table:

    • This table now contains an additional ‘Remaining’ column.

    • The ‘Scheduled Payment Date’ column will now be called ‘Scheduled Date’.

    • The ‘Credit’ column will now be called ‘Credit Applied’.

    • For more info on the Scheduled Payments Table click here.

  • Past Due: A Member’s ‘Past Due Amount’ will now display within an agreement’s Package Configuration section. (If a Member possesses no past-due balance, this total will appear as $0.)

  • Refunds: Club OS now allows staff to refund $0 invoices that have been funded entirely by credit. For more info on Refunds, click here.

  • Credit: An applied credit’s line item will now appear within the ‘total’ section of a payment’s ‘Pay Now’ screen. (Note: This change also applies to the payment’s invoice PDF.)

  • Partial Payment: Club OS now allows Members to pay less than a scheduled payment’s total amount to accrue credit. For more info on Flexible Billing Options, click here.

Click here to access archived New Release notes.

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