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New Release: 2/17/17



  • Follow-Ups: In the interest of simplification, Club OS will no longer provide the Takeover Person menu as previously featured within Prospecting’s ‘General’ tab. To transfer a Prospect/Member (and their follow-ups) to another employee, please refer to the ‘Follow-Up With’ fields located within, both, Prospecting’s ‘Follow-Up’ tab and the dashboard’s Follow-Up Window. (For more on transferring follow-ups, click here.)
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    Ashlei Tabor

    This is great, that feature definitely caused confusion with my team members

  • Avatar
    Steve Moore

    Outstanding.. So.. When are you guys going to get rid of the "Home" phone box?? So frustrating when they signup online, or enter in wrong on the electronic waiver.. Just replace it with "Main" number and give us the ability to text.. We have to keep going through our members weekly.. Such a waste of time..

    Or.. Just offer a "save" option when we cut and paste it from the page we land on when we click "follow-up".. Not many people have a home phone anymore.. Pretty much a thing of the past..

    Edited by Steve Moore