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Leads Contacted Two Times or Less Report


The Leads Contacted Two Times or Less Report displays a club’s entire population of Prospects who, either, possess a ‘Missed Guest’ status or have yet to progress to Stage #3 of the Membership Follow-Up Schedule. This aids staff in tracking Prospects who present a potential sales opportunity who already reside within the system. This report is filterable by Location and Employee. For more tips on how to access, filter, and schedule this report, click here.

Note: Prospects who do not possess, either, a follow-up employee or a further, scheduled follow-up will not appear within this report.


The Report

This report’s columns include:

  1. Location: The club location to which the Prospect belongs.
  2. Employee: The staff member who is responsible for the Prospect’s follow-up.
  3. Lead: The Prospect who has not been followed-up with more than twice.
  4. Status: The Prospect’s current follow-up status.
    Note: Such statuses include ‘Missed Guest’, ‘Active Guest’, ‘Expired Guest’ and ‘Referral’.
  5. Email: The Prospect’s email address.
  6. Mobile: The Prospect’s cell phone number.
  7. Home: The Prospect’s home phone number.
  8. Work: The Prospect’s work phone number.
  9. Created Date: The date in which the Prospect was created within Club OS.
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